sabato 30 giugno 2012

MIYAVI - Helette EHZ Festival 2012.06.29 [ LIVE REPORT]

MIYAVI'S first festival for summer 2012 went wonderfully in Helette (France) at EHZ festival. This time MIYAVI was not with his drummer since 2010 BOBO (who is in japan) but with a girl drummer called YOKO ( from Boom Boom Satellites - jrock electro band) - but no worry Bobo and MIYAVI will rock again soon (  on 7/21  DAY 1  Live in Tokyo ) 

Il primo festival per l'estate 2012 di Miyavi si svolse magnificamente ad Helette (Francia) per EHZ festival. Questa volta MIYAVI non era con il suo batterista dal 2010 Bobo ( che è rimasto in Giappone) ma con una batterista femmina YOKO ( dei Boom Boom Satelliets -jrock electro band) - ma non preoccupatevi BOBO e MIYAVI tornerano a fare rock presto ( il 7/21 per il Live decicato al uscita di DAY 1 - TOKYO)

Set List for the song shared with us from comyv Yukiko64 :
What's my name
Hell no
 A-ha ( 1st time in Europe)
Day 1 ( 1st time in Europe)
Are u Ready to rock?
Futuristic Love

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  1. WooT! Glad to see Chase on that list! I was afraid it would disappear like Revenge has. Also glad he is playing A-ha..he didn't play that on the America tour last year (that I know of) ^^And of course, Day 1 makes it's EU debut!

  2. hello ;) i'm Yukiko64

    Day1 was before strong and A-ah, it's not the 1st time, he performed it last year during his What's My Name Tour.