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MIYAVI -DAY 1 Premium Live - [ Report & Video]

On 21/7/2012 MIYAVI performed in Tokyo for DAY 1  latest single realise in a show that went SOLD OUT at the venue, but this didnt limited MIYAVI from sharing his rock to all the world via Internet, so the whole show expect the Encore was direclty streamed from MIYAVI's official YOUTUBE channal.

The show was planned to start at 6.30 jp time but it started insted 30 mintues later; they took time after OKAMOTO'S live ( they were opening act for the show, an underground japanese rock band also worked with MIYAVI in special versions of WHAT'S MY NAME single ) . Meanwhile the stream was already on air but givin upstoppably DAY 1 pv - almost 10 times  XD  ( it was makin crazy online comyvz who were waitin to watch the show).

Finally at 7.00 the show started with MIYAVI and BOBO (back to myv'z side after while) on stage.
What's my name was the first song on the set list!Followed by UNIVERSE and SURVIVE , it was sure from the start that MIYAVI has reached new level of rock while perfomin his songs.
He gave new sound for every song he played, they were from his latest album " What's my Name" and new  songs that he just played Live in the past tour; of course DAY 1 was included with Bobo for the first time and amazing japanese fans dancing on it!

Full STREAMED Live Set List:
- A-HA
- DAY 1
- Selfish Love
-We love u
-Are u ready 2  rock ?


MIYAVI talked a lot with his people like always , since it's a japanese show he used few english but enough to link the worldwide comyvz watching him.
Before the show since it was being belated someone asked him if he was at the bathroom but on stage he said it was BOBO at the bathroom and took lot of time too while singing *a-ha*  ; this was after they played wonderfully A-HA and Bobo sang over it in " yeah---- " part.
Miyavi's lovely family was at the show too - at some point he was talking with comyvz when he was interrupted by a baby voice sayin " papa, papa" XD he looked upstaris and waved to Melody and his little girls, with sayin that they were there, it was very sweet and touching time - he was being Daddy and Rockstar at the same time.
The show for youtube ended in very MIYAVI style of course, with his ultimate love msg --  WE ARE ONE --  we have a  FUTURISTIC LOVE
Every comyv who watched the show was for sure touched by new MIYAVI rock level, how he grow up since last time that we saw his perfomance in our countries on tour or at festivals.
Once again he confirmed as he is the original and unique JAPANESE SAMURAI GUITARIST- 
Add a comment with ur personal Live report and stuff u wanna share!

 Credis for report: Admin-san  ( kanmisa)
Credist for Live Photos: Shina miyavi Ishihara

Watch the show:
                                        part 1
part 2
part 3 Credits: Mad_solar_witch

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