martedì 29 gennaio 2013


Are u ready to show your Love this year too? if so check out COMIYAVI WOLRD WIDE New Fanproject in collaboration with CoMyvItalianFanclub! 


Deadline: 10/02/2013 

Concept behind the fanprojcet:  As the title says, WOLRD plays MIYAVI, so we will show that we PLAY MIYAVI wherever in this world we are !

How: You guys need to take a short video, max 10-15 seconds in which a MIYAVI song is playing, your favorite one or the one you want to be known !

Before starting the video make sure to say YOUR COUNTRY NAME and HOUR   - Example ( Italy, 12:30pm)

It's better if you can record yourself while listing the song alone or with friends or in some location of your city, but it's fine if there is a photo or screen of some MIYAVI related thing , just dont forget to say your country name and hour !

** While the song is playin you can sing, dance, sleep,pray, run, do whatever you want !! 

Send your file with Your name so we can give you credits to

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Attention!

 we ask fansite admins for nation to carry on the project in their countries with sharing and translating it for the followers  so we can make it know to many comyvz and have lot of MIYAVI songs PLAYIN in the Wolrd !!!

more questions can be asked on @comiyaviww and @comyvitalianfc twitter&fb !!

WorldPlaysMYV++ italian vr
WolrdPlaysMYV++ 日本語

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