domenica 8 giugno 2014


COMIYAVI ITALIAN FC held a contest on June to promote "MIYAVI" album!
We asked for those who wanted to be part of it, to describe who is MIYAVI for them and the reason they wanted to win the Album!
11 comyvz has joined it and the 3 winners got the awards which was : To the 1st winner MIYAVI ALBUM CD+DVD, to 2/3 winners a postcard with theme album !
The winners and the rest of comyvz who was part of the competition has put effort to promote the event and so also MIYAVI and our fanpage which got attention for whole 2 weeks!

Here the winner comments & Photos! Thank u girls & Thank You to all Italian Comiyaviz!

Dana with 469 votes 
Hello, I'm Dana Vizzy, for me MIYAVI is energy: that he deliver with his guitar, his voice and it becomes a pure power also for me; it's a push and motivation to go on, to fight for my future. For me MIYAVI is the demonstration that, even if something is not going as you wanted, also the failure can be an occasion.
And I want the album to remind it every day; feeling the weight of a life not going as I want, it will be enough for me look at the album to recharge myself ad give all myself for my dreams. 

Maria with 395 votes 
I knew MIYAVI in a moment of my life when I had lost myself, I felt like an ugly duckling with a broken wing, made fooled by the other birds . Then luckly MIYAVI arrived with his music to support me, so step by step I too have learned to fly . I liked him because with his voice and guitar I was able to feel alive again and understood that even if the world is full of sadness, we have to smile, cuz the trick is on leaving the problems and restart again from the beginning every time the situation gets out of hand. I've learned from him to believe in ourselves , it doesn't matter how much others hurt you, if you want to live well, you have to love yourself. Love but with minding to not make it turn into egoism, but to dear all the glob without difference of race and culture, because it doesn't matter on which God one believe or if he/she has a credence or not, the only thing to believe is not in God or in people but in ourselves, because the Love starts only from our heart.
His solo's drives crazy the blood in my vessels, it's a not comparable with anything else what I feel.
I want his album simply because I've spent my last money to pay myself the trip to Paris to assist his show and to buy his old CD. LOL Win this contest is important to me tho also because in this few words I was able to express myself , taking off the mask and showing my true self, and I've to say that I'm really proud to be CO-MIYAVI!

Irene with 91 votes
My name is Irene, MIYAVI represents for me a complete artist, that keeps evolving always. I know him since short time, but I’ve instantly fall in love with his music. He really surprised me because he does different genres of music ( with lyrics full of meaning and someone very deep), and each of them are unequaled . And lastly there is his guitar!!! When he plays it he really become one with the guitar, it's really fascinating. His music is a medicine, it relaxes me, made me calm down, keeps me company when I’m sad, makes me feel alive. This is what MIYAVI represents for me.


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