martedì 23 ottobre 2012


Wanna be part of CO MYVZ LIFE STORY?
Be part of this New Long Lasting Fanproject organized by Comyvz Crew ! 
The name of the project is :  CoMiyavi kara CoMiyavi he// From Comyvz to Comyvz !
I'll  give you a quick info about it but check the  official site later :

The project is about a FAN BOOK which will be complieted by comyvz words from country to country, it will follow MYV TOURs and collect  Comyvz msgs on it . 
It will start from the upcomin japanese mini-tour  GANRYU then we will wait next world tour dates and make it fly all over the wolrd ! 
To not start it empity, first part of msg will be done by online mailing within 1/11/2012 to
Short msg in Japanese or english 

Please check more infos and terms, Choose your language and check it out

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