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  • Q: Who do you want to have your next session with? : Hmm. Prince, maybe. 
  • Q: Japan's first TWITTER SESSION. Where are both of you?: In EMI's VIP Room, lying on my back.  
  • Q: Any funny story while you were making music? : -shishou tweeting excitedly during a session LOL
  • Q: What was your inspiration for Silent anger? Unfocused anger that I was feeling after the 311.
  •  Q: Will You be performing together with others during GANRYU tour? : Still in offer. How about it, -shishou? 
  • Q: Has your fever lessen? : Still feverish.  
  • Q: Please share what you respect about each other. : He's very considerate. If wasn't around the album would be released the year after next instead LOL 
  • Q:What emotions are put into HA NA BI? It pierces the heart when listened to. : From the left, the shamisen From the right, the flamenco guitar , The Heart of Japan.  
  • Q: What chance do you use to become closer to each other? : Yakiniku 
  • Q: From now on, are there other artists other than musicians that you would have sessions with? : I wonder who, I want to talk with the soccer player, Kazu-san. 
  • Q:I want to hear in Guitar Kids style, your first impression when you first did music together. : Like "Mu,mu, Don't do it!" 
  • Q: If you were to express each other in one kanji character, what would it be? : Kame(Turtle, the first kanji from Kameda)
  • ** : I'm a fan of you both! : WOW,Oki-san enters! **
  • Q: If you ever wished "I want to do a live at this place!", please share. : I want to go and do with everyone overseas.  
  • Q: What have you both done to deepen your friendship? : Nothing special. We are both musicians so as long as we make music, we'll understand each other. 
  • Q: I finally found it(the album) *cries* : Thanks!  
  • Q:Please share the secret story behind HA NA BI's production! "@seiji_kameda: It was a battle of sounds! I got to see something good! "@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: And shishou was tweeting the whole time LOL 
  • Q:What do you think is Miyavi's charming part? ": His music loving part(A straight ball!) ": Kya.  
  • Q:Is the name GANRYU chosen because of Musashi & Kojiro? : Yes. At first, the temporary name was 'MUSASHI KOJIRO' but said"I'm, Musashi?...It's embarassing, so stop(?)" So, I changed it LOL (Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro are two famous samurais who had an epic battle on the island of Ganryu in the Edo period) 
  • Q:When do you feel like each other's attendant? (Not sure if this is right...) : We always order take-outs at the recording studio but orders Chinese food everyday.  
  • Q:I'm glad I found Miyavi's music!! I'm glad I was born in the same era as Miyavi!! That's what this production has made me feel. Miyavi-san, Kameda-san, thank you!! The shock was so great that it feels like I've been killed with a katana LOL : YEAH! 
  • I'm so happy to b able to achieve some thing like w/ tons of great artists. I promise to keep creating good stuff forever!
  •  ** ": Is it ok to not talk about the album?? "MIYAVI_OFICIAL: Let's do that LOL Today is the release:
  • ** : It seems that extra time has been approved!!! ": I'm not letting you sleep tonight 
  • Q:If you have to express each other in one character,what would it be? ": Kame/Turtle (Repeat)  
  • Q:Oh, yeah. I only listened to the previews but Miyavi's album is cool. ": No,no. Buy it LOL 
  • Q:Please share the secret story behind 'Inori Wo's production!! (^O^) "@: Even though this was the last song to be made, the lyrics was only done a few hours before my head with 's voice singing it.  
  • ** " : Oii! People who got their albums~~!? ": Did everyone get their albums? 
  •  Q: I wonder if an album will fall for me from anywhere? Santa-san~ ": Buy it at the CD Shop! ": Strongly agree. 
  • Q:I was shocked by the shamisen & flamenco guitar session but have you always thought of doing this session from before? : Actually there's one more person I wanted to include but..(secret)  
  • Q:For this album, which song did you have the most trouble with? ": Hmm "SILENT ANGER" maybe LOL
  • **": Is it here? ": You're late! BOBO-chan~ ": Welcome~ 
  • Q:I want to watch the video but due to circumstances concerning my allowance, I bought the normal CD. The cover jacket is cooler though. Please forgive me LOL "@: Forgiven! Listen to it with great care,k! "@: k!  
  • Q:I've listened(to the album). Buying an album to listen to its music, I'm satisfied to this point. It's been a while since I've been happy for buying an album. The sound and script for HA NA BI is very mesmerising. Thank you for the great production! "@: Thank you too! 
  • Q:I saw you on today's 'Mezamashi Terebi'!Do you think of letting your kids play the guitar? ": They're playing it everyday!  
  • **": Sorry! Congrats on the release(of the album)! ": If this album sells,I'll buy BOBO-kun a stage outfit,k *cries* 
  • **": Has ended already? ": It's still going on, welcome! 
  • ** Currently No.10 on iTunes! --> ": Woah, go !! 
  • Q:The moment when everything was completed, what was the thought you both had? "@: Not sure. Genuinely, if it reached a lot of people and made them happy, that'd be good, was what I thought.  
  • Q: Just how much does BOBO's shorts cost? LOL ": 10000 Yen. ": Eh, it's that expensive? LOL 
  • Q:Now I'm listening to the album. As I thought it's good! : No, it's really thanks to everyone that it was made Thank you!!!  
  • **"@: The party is in full swing but we end at 12.45am! Another 10 minutes! "@: not strongly agree "@: strongly agree too (禿同/hagedou is a 2ch slang for strongly agree) 
  • Q:After coming across Miyavi, I've decided to do music. I've worked on my English. I've also made friends worldwide. As I thought, instead of "doing", I prefer "feeling"! Thank you "@: YEAH, just do it!  
  • Q: Express 「SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1」in one word. ": It's definitely "LOVE"!! 
  • ** "M: Thank you everyone!! -shishou, Oki-san , Hii-chan , Miu-chan & BOBO-kun . Everyone, you're the best! Japan still can do it!! #SamuraiSessions    

++ ( ** ) is used for tweets with only Artists 

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