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** Translater-san notes: I included the tweets where the questions and answers are in English too. Words in brackets () and NOT in italic are translations and NOT my notes while all the words in italic are my notes.

@seiji_kameda:After this from 11pm, Twitter Session with Miyavi! It's a 60-minutes one-game match!
@seiji_kameda:It's the calm before a stormϵ( 'Θ' )϶
@seiji_kameda:Activate in 3 minutes!
@MIYAVI_STAFF:Twitter Session START!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Shishou@seiji_kameda, shall we do it then...
@seiji_kameda:I've been waiting!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:What should we start from?
@seiji_kameda:I got the album!

@MIYAVI_STAFF:Japan's first! Twitter SESSION. Where are the both of you now?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:In EMI's VIP Room, lying on my back.
@seiji_kameda:In my studio, kneeling on the floor! I'll give a picture, k!

@wlb28:Who do you want to have your next session with?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Hmm. Prince, maybe.

@382naaa:Any funny stories while you were making music?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:@seiji_kameda-shishou tweeting excitedly during a session LOL
@seiji_kameda:Only because Miyavi was doing it too beside me,k.

@seiji_kameda:My legs have gone numb from kneeling~!
@TwitterMusicJP:Kameda-san looks like a day trader.
@seiji_kameda:Shut uuuuup! I am a capable day trader! I'm told that I have that aura LOL

@mayu382V: Has your fever subsided?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Still feverish.
@seiji_kameda:Take care! I'm kind, right LOL

@lvlie_m24:Will you be performing with others during GANRYU tour?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Still in offer. How about it, @seiji_kameda-shishou?
@seiji_kameda:Yosh! It's decided! I'll go!

@mikaaan19:Please share what you respect about each other.
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: He's very considerate. If @seiji_kameda wasn't around, the album would be released the year after next instead LOL
@seiji_kameda:Of course! I am the beloved messenger, Kame-chin! LOL

@megu_milk_0131:What emotions are put into HA NA BI? It pierces the heart when listened to.
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: From the left, the shamisen @h_agatsuma From the right, the flamenco guitar @junglejinjin, The Heart of Japan.

I want to see a live session of you both again(>_<)
@seiji_kameda: We'll definitely do it! Very soon!!!

@nami_ed: What chance do you use to become closer to each other?
@seiji_kameda:Sashimi and liver sashimi. Baba~nKameda OUT~!!!

@rcbk69:From now on, are there other artists other than musicians that you would have sessions with?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: I wonder who, I want to talk with the soccer player, Kazu-san.
@seiji_kameda:It's Tsurube-shishou for me!Tsurukame is the strongest!!!

@mnj6120:I want to hear in Guitar Kids style, your first impression of when you first did music together.
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Like "Mu,mu, Don't do it!"
@seiji_kameda:"Love has budded" LOL

OKI JIN, @junglejinjin: I'm a fan of you both!!
@seiji_kameda:Oki-san!!! You were a great samurai!!!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: WOW, Oki-san enters~!!!
@seiji_kameda:Mmph, the first one to notice him was me LOL Huh, that was so not adult-like LOL

@starflower1204: U thinkin of goin on tour worldwide again soon?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:My staff r tryin 2 make it happen so hard!

@my_v_k:If you were to express each other in one kanji character, what would it be?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: ,Kame(Turtle, the first kanji character from Kameda)
@seiji_kameda: ,Miyabi

@aiceig:If you ever wished "I want to do a live at this place!", please share.
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: I want to go and do(live) with everyone overseas.
@seiji_kameda:Wish to travel together(with Miyavi)!

@__382__:What have you both done to deepen your friendship?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:I think, nothing special? We are both musicians so as long as we make music, we'll understand each other.
@seiji_kameda: How do you say one strongly agrees again!? LOL

@MIYAVI_STAFF:Please share the secret story behind HA NA BI's production! @junglejinjin @MIYAVI_OFFICIAL @seiji_kameda
@seiji_kameda:It was a battle of sounds! I got to see something good!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: And shishou was tweeting the whole time LOL
@seiji_kameda: Totally defies the job a producer, right LOL

@eeendooo09:I finally found it*cries* photo

@junglejinjin: @seiji_kameda @MIYAVI_OFFICIAL I feel like having a live~ #SamuraiSessions

@yumi_s_baby: Is KRE-san not coming?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Let's all shout together, "IF ONLY YOU CAME~" (Actually I think this is a pun on KREVA's name because his name is pronounced KUREBA in Japanese and the Japanese phrase Miyavi used is pronounce 'Kureba ii no ni~')
@seiji_kameda:(Need) Extra zabuton(cushion)

@han115nah: Other than talking about music, are there other topics that gets the both of you excited?
@seiji_kameda: Family talk LOL

@seiji_kameda: HAGE DOOOOOO!!!!!( He just says禿同, hagedou a 2ch slang for "strongly agree" in katakana, kanji and romaji)
@seiji_kameda: Eh, you don't know what "禿同" means!? 

@6661013:Is there a common feature between the both of you?
@seiji_kameda: Our muscularity.

@tomatosand:Where did you get the chance to have a session with HZETTM-san?
@seiji_kameda:Well, Hii-chan has a blue nose.
@seiji_kameda: Did you watch the soccer(game)!?
@H_ZETT_M: I watched it!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Celebration. Japan won!
@H_ZETT_M: Yes, yes!
@seiji_kameda: Hey! You're not suppose to say!!!!!

@831yuk:IF ONLY YOU CAME~(With KRE inserted)!! Agatsuma-san too! ZETTM also! Miu-san as well!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: #SamuraiSessions @KREVA_DrK_dj908 @h_agatsuma @H_ZETT_M @miusakamoto

@eleven_ii_:What do you think is Miyavi's charming part?
@seiji_kameda: His music-loving part(A straight ball!)

@umi_torukojin: Will this album release in Europe too? I would like to see it in Turkish
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Strongly hope so!
@seiji_kameda: I hope so, too!

@eleven_ii_: Do you have any other favourite musical instruments other than the guitar? *:....:*'(*゚▽゚*)'*:.. ..:*
@seiji_kameda: The guitar! (Sorry that I want to be like Miyavi LOL!)

@MIYAVI_STAFF: Please tell us the secret story behind the production of PLEASURE!
@seiji_kameda: The person with blue nose is so samurai-like that I'm blushing LOL

@miloveten:Is the name GANRYU chosen because of Musashi & Kojiro?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Yes. At first, the temporary name was 'MUSASHI KOJIRO' but @bobodrums said, "I'm, Musashi?...It's embarassing, so (can you) stop?" So, I changed the name LOL (Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro are two famous samurais who had an epic battle on the island of Ganryu in the Edo period)

@TwitterMusicJP: Cool! @H_ZETT_M has suddenly joined @MIYAVI_OFFICIAL @seiji_kameda at Twitter SESSION #SamuraiSessions

@seiji_kameda: I'm currently powerfully depressed because of a bad tweet(I think he regrets mentioning soccer because he found out the results that he didn't want to know because of the tweet)

@H_ZETT_M: Ha. I wasn't the one who said that I watched soccer...!

@seiji_kameda: Is there no extra time!????
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Are we going till morning?
@seiji_kameda: I refuse!

@382naaa: When do you feel like each other's attendant? (Not sure if this is right...)
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:We always order take-outs at the recording studio but @seiji_kameda orders Chinese food everyday.
@seiji_kameda:Having two ramen a day is normal~~~

@kathleendewar: I really really really want #SamuraiSessions :(
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: You can get it on the internet! available on iTunes on many countries ;)

Wish for extra time!!!
@seiji_kameda:[The right way to use HAGEDOU] "HAGEDOU!"
*HAGEDOU means to strongly agree

@Hana_love382:I'm glad I found Miyavi's music!! I'm glad I was born in the same era as Miyavi!! That's what this production has made me feel. Miyavi-san, Kameda-san, thank you!! The shock was so great that it feels like I've been killed with a katana LOL

@seiji_kameda: Is it ok to not talk about the album??
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Let's do that LOL Today is the release video

@seiji_kameda:It seems that extra time has been approved!!!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:I'm not letting you sleep tonight.

@seiji_kameda:BOBO, you're cold...You better come!

@luvc_rino: Anything that makes you feel "I'm glad to be a Japanese"?
@seiji_kameda: The fact that I made SamuraiSessions Vol.1 with Miyavi!!!

@uchiakebanashi: How long did it take for you guys to finish the album?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: a year and half...!!

@05you29:If you have to express each other in one character, what would it be?
@seiji_kameda: ,Miyabi (REPEAT) Hey,! Don't expand on this~ Let's go to the next one!
@seiji_kameda:Hey! The staff can't use it!

@kayo_cwif2570:What song was the first to be made but took the longest to finish? Also please share the reason for it being so!
@seiji_kameda:Silent Anger...Well,it's because Hosomi-kun is great LOL

@hayabusa369:Oh, yeah. I only listened to the previews but Miyavi's album is cool.(´ω`)♡
@seiji_kameda: HAGEDOU~~~~(Correct usage)

@shunichi_koiwa:Please share the secret story behind 'Inori Wo's production!! (^O^)
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Even though this was the last song to be made, the lyrics was only done a few hours before my head with @miusakamoto's voice singing it.

@luvc_rino:(;_;) I wonder if an album will fall for me from anywhere? Santa-san~
@seiji_kameda: Buy it at the CD shop!
@seiji_kameda: A curve ball~~

@seiji_kameda:O~i! People who got their albums~~!?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Did everyone get their albums?

@han115nah:I was surprised by the shamisen & flamenco guitar session but have you always thought of doing this session from before?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Actually there's one more person I wanted to include but..(secret)

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: I just got information that @seiji_kameda went to the toilet. He jus went out to the bath room. lol
@seiji_kameda: Hey, I'll at least go to the toilet!
@seiji_kameda: [WARNING] Staff informs too much information!

@KoMiyavi3500: What message do you most want to convey to ppl around the world?
@seiji_kameda: Love

@na_no_z:For this album, which song did you have the most trouble with?

@hayabusa369: I'm sorry...Miyavi-san...Kameda-san. I've no money so I couldn't buy(the album). I'll go and buy it as soon as my money comes in!
@MIYAVI_STAFF: Currently no.10 in iTunes! Download here--> link

@YOSUKEatHOME: I'm with (BOBO) now so I'll pass the message to him.
@seiji_kameda: BOBO has supported this album!

@ANGEL19790215: Did you maintain your kneeling?
@seiji_kameda:[NO GUTS] Now, I'm sitting cross-legged lol

@seiji_kameda:HIFANA and YUKSEK are too awesome! #SamuraiSessions

@bobodrums: Is it here?
@seiji_kameda: You're late! BOBO-chan~ "
@bobodrums:Sorry! Congrats on the release!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: If this album sells,I'll buy BOBO-kun a stage outfit,k *cries*
@krk5678manA90: Please definitely get BOBO-san an outfit that shows his beautiful legs. lol
@seiji_kameda:If it's beautiful legs, I won't lose!

@kuboson:I want to watch the video but due to circumstances concerning my allowance, I bought the normal CD instead. The cover jacket is cooler though. Please forgive me LOL
@seiji_kameda: Forgiven! Listen to it with great care,k!

@S_HUN_S: Sakamoto Miu-san is so beautiful and cute and her voice is so lovely, what should I do??
@seiji_kameda:I'm at loss too LOL

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:sry for tweetin in japanese... could someone translate my tweets into english? #SamuraiSessions

@keico_MYV: Kameda-san, you tweet very fast! As fast as Miyavi's guitar-playing!
@seiji_kameda: Maybe it's my calling LOL

@braineclips22:I've listened(to the album). Buying an album to listen to its music, I'm satisfied to this point. It's been a while since I've been happy for buying an album. The sound and script for HA NA BI is very mesmerising. Thank you for the great production!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Thank you too!
@seiji_kameda:Thank you very much!

@Enamim1016:I saw you on today's 'Mezamashi Terebi'!Do you think of letting your kids play the guitar?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: They're already playing it everyday!

@yumi_s_baby:Shishou, please summon Miu-san!
@seiji_kameda: Miu〜〜〜〜〜〜♪♪♡♪♡♪ 〜〜〜♡

@tttheZombiesss: Eldest son(BOBO-san), second son(Miyavi-san), third son(Kameda-san) gathers!

@TwitterMusicJP: Won't you change jobs to Twitter?
@seiji_kameda: [OFFER] I'm honestly happy~~~!!

@miusakamoto: Has #SamuraiSessions ended already?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: It's still going on, welcome!
@seiji_kameda:[MIU's DESCENT] We've been waiting~~<3 Today's dear friends, yoroshiku. By the way, why isn't Miyavi here yet!? LOL

@MYV_zombini: What was your inspiration for Silent anger?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Unfocused anger that I was feeling after the 311.

@MIYAVI_STAFF: Currently No.10 on iTunes! -->link photo
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Woah, go #SamuraiSessions!!

@sukiyatteiinayo:The moment when everything was completed, what was the thought you both had?
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Not sure. Genuinely, if it reached a lot of people and made them happy, that'd be good, was what I thought.
@seiji_kameda: I felt like giving my everything!

@ryoXX382: Do recording, make CDs. CDs would live longer than our own lives, I felt that meaning///
@seiji_kameda:[Music's effects lasts] I always swear it on my heart.

@annejz_com:Just how much does BOBO's shorts cost? LOL
@bobodrums: 10000 Yen.
@kagamiouji: 10000Yen!!!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: Eh, it's that expensive? LOL

@seiji_kameda: Now I'm listening to the album. As I thought, it's good!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: No, it's really thanks to everyone that it was made Thank you!!!

@MIYAVI_STAFF: The party is in full swing but we end at 12.45am! Another 10 minutes!
@seiji_kameda not HAGEDOU

@keico_MYV:After coming across Miyavi, I've decided to do music again. I've studied English again. I've also made friends worldwide. As I thought, instead of "doing", I prefer "feeling"! That is what ROCK is.Thank you
@seiji_kameda:I'd like to add more of those friends!
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:YEAH, no choice but to just do it!
@seiji_kameda: Don't think! Feel!

@youmyv:I hope you will do lives at the places in Japan that you haven't been to! Everyone is waiting! I'm sorry that this is not a question lol
@seiji_kameda:[HAGEconsideration] Will intensely consider it
*HAGE from HAGEDOU, meaning strongly/intensely

@seiji_kameda: Due to strictness of the staff, we never run out of laughter.
@MIYAVI_STAFF: It's time to give your ending greetings.
@seiji_kameda: not HAGEDOU

@tttheZombiesss:Express SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1in one word.
@seiji_kameda:"HAGEDOU"(Are you OK, Kameda-san!?)
@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: It's definitely "LOVE"!

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:Thank you everyone!! @seiji_kameda-shishou, Oki-san @junglejinjin, Hii-chan @H_ZETT_M, Miu-chan @miusakamoto & BOBO-kun @bobodrums. Everyone, you're the best! Japan still can do it!!#SamuraiSessions
@seiji_kameda: Thanks to everyone who took part!SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1is for everyone who loves music! Stay tuned for Vol.2!!

@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL:I'm so happy to b able to achieve some thing like #SamuraiSessions w/ tons of great artists. I promise to keep creating good stuff forever!

@MIYAVI_STAFF: Twitter Session END! Thank you everyone for joining us till late!
** PART 1
 **ComyvitalianFC thanks a lot comyv   for the great translation and for lettin us share it!
**Thanks MIYAVI, MIYAVI_STAFF and ALL SAMURAI'S for the CRAY ALBUM and this Special Twitter Session

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